Yutaka Nakamura, a.k.a HORITOYO
-The Japanese new school artist-


Yutaka Nakamura has the three different faces such as, tattoo artist, graphic illustrator, and oil painter. His art style and subject are know as the Japanese new school. Those great talent as an artist must have been inherited by his grandfather, who is known as an famous land scape oil painter in Japan. He met his grandfather in first time on 2007, then he started oil painting to follow his grand father.

Yutaka Nakamura mainly works as a Japanese tattoo artist and famous with the traditional Japanese hand poke tattooing techniques in worldwide. In recent days, it is common to use a tattoo machine even for the Japanese traditional tattoo. However, HORITOYO is hanging up on the Japanese traditional hand poke tattooing techniques with Japanese pride. The reason is simple. He is Japanese, and he proud to be Japanese. He is one of the Japanese tattoo artist who is trying to hand down the traditional Japanese tattoo methods, skills and techniques to the future.

As of today, he joined many world tattoo convention in China, Thailand,Canada and USA. Now, his hand poke tattooing technique and the designs of Japanese traditional and new-school tattoo receives a compliment and highly praised in worldwide. Japanese tattoo turned to beautiful contemporary ART by his sense of designs and techniques. His works are the extremely great artwork as an art piece as well.

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HP : http://horitoyotattoo.com/
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1996・・・Started tattoo
1998・・・Study with HORIKEN
2002・・・Named HORIKENⅡ
2003・・・Work in new jack studio
2004・・・Opened own studio
2006・・・Changed name to HORITOYO
2007・・・Started to draw oil paint
2008・・・Started to join world tattoo convention


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