Natsuko Kogure
-Installation Artist-


Nastuko Kogure Artwork

Natsuko Kogure is an installation artist who creates the art object of sea creature as the main motif. She has a fascination with the sea creatures which have many different appearances. She also believes it is worthwhile to create those sea creatures as an artwork, because they have unique shapes, colorful designs and patterns.

To create the sea creatures artworks, she uses newspapers, wood glues and stick glues. The first step to create them is, roll up the newspapers and stick them together with wood glues, then set the surface with stick glues. And the second step is, coat with gesso on the surface after drying them completely. Then, color them with acryl gouache at last. She usually brings them along to the beach, and record snapshots of them to give life to her artworks. They become as a real creature by taking picture at the beach. These pictures give the audience an impression of as if these creatures are living in a real life. For this reason, her artworks are highly appreciated.

Her career as an artist started when she was early 20s. She was creating tridimensional illustrations while working as a graphic designer at that time. However, from around in the year 2000, she started to create the sea creatures with balled-up newspapers, because she thought it would be interesting. Since then, for over 15 years, she has been creating the sea creatures as an artwork, and recording snapshots of them at the beach, and displaying the artworks together with those snapshots at many exhibitions.

As an artistic activity, she would continue to create artworks, and record snapshots of them, and to sell them, as heretofore. She will mainly create the strange sea creatures such as squids and octopus which has foot, in the future.

[Profile & Biography]
Born in 1967
1988: Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and
         Design, Department of Senography,Display&Fashion Design
1990~1992: Worked at Nippon Design ceneter, Inc
2001: Graduated from Setsu mode seminar

Started to create the sea creatures by newspapers as an artwork, from 2000.
Solo exhibition at MATSUYA Ginza, Galery Hokk Osaka, HB Gallery and Pinpoint Gallery.Solo exhibition & workshop at Roppongi Gallery MITATE and ALTE MEISTER Aizuwakamatsu.
and more solo exhibitions…

2010: Participated in the workshop collection at Keio University (for 3 times)
2012.4: Demonstrated workshop at the BS TV show
           ”TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK tv”
2012.10 : Displayed an artwork at “JAKUCHU INSPIRED” ,
              TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2012
2013.7: Displayed and sold artworks at Gallery MITATE glass space
2013.8 : Workshop at Sato Churyo Atelier, Sapporo art museum
2013.8 : Planned exhibition at GALLERY le bain
2014.6: Group exhibition at Jadite Galleries, New York

- Award at “Illustration of the sea”, hosted by Kodansha
- Accepted for the Hibino Kozue award at 120th The Choice,
  hosted by Illustration magazine
- Accepted for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition of Children’s Books
- Accepted for New york society of illustrators 3D sculpture exhibition
- Accepted for the second prize of Yoshitomo Nara award
  at 135th The Choice, hosted by Illustration magazine
- Grand prize at HB fail competition vol.15

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