Shingo Suzuki
-Miniature model creator & Artist-


Mss.Pelly in Shibuya

Shingo Suzuki is a Tokyo-based miniature models creator, photographer and artist who creates the individual world-view by handcrafted miniature models and its photographs.

Suzuki creates detailed miniature models of mainly reality urban scene by his own hands. And it extremely look real to our eyes. Even though these handcrafted miniature models itself could be described as an great artwork, these are just a part of creative process for his art.

-Official Statement-
The Intent of My Creation

By recreating the “world” with my fingertips, I hope to be able to truly know the workings of the world.

My creative process begins with recreating real – life scenes in miniature. Making miniature enables me to see things I never noticed before, and to discover meaning I never knew existed, hidden in the scenery. During the process of creation, my senses are heightened, and this state makes the miniature differ from the real-life subject. Repetition of this process creates a sense of distance between the recreated miniature and reality that is unique only to myself.

With a measuring tape in hand, measurement of actual objects such as convenience stores, insides of a train, major roads, and newly built apartments is taken. The measured object is then shrunk proportionately to create a diorama that truly reflects the actual object and after the diorama is completed, it is photographed (on 4 x 5 inch film).

The diorama exits only temporarily and is destroyed after being photographed. The pictured image then becomes only a shadow of actual existence and begins to form an added sense of remoteness.

Miniatures can only be incomplete. Thus, the miniatures guides the viewers to look at “the real thing” and through this process, “the real thing” truly becomes real.

At the exhibition, I display large photographs of the miniature. Displaying large photographs of the miniatures alter the sense of scale in the exhibition space. By viewing images (photographs) of non-existing things, the viewers begin to feel the true meaning of reality.

[Profile & Biography]
1964 Born in Shizuoka prefecture JAPAN
1988   BFA from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1990 MFA from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

- Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013  Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2012  E&C Gallery, Fukui
2010  Tokyo Gallery + BTAP , Beijing
2009  Atlantico Gallery, Tokyo
2002    Toki Art Space, Tokyo

- Selected Group Exhibitions
2009  AIT Room, Tokyo
2009 “art_icle Award 2009”  Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing)
                                             KEUMSAN GALLERY(Seoul)
2001 “Tama Vivant 2001”Tama Fine Art University, Tokyo
1998 “Philip Morris Art Award Final Selection”, Tokyo
1995 “Force of the Ground” The Museum Tokyo National
         University of Fine Arts and Music, Ibaraki

2009 art_icle Award 2009 Grand prix
2001 Artist Grant of Vermont Studio Center
1998 Exhibition of Tokyo Outdoors Contemporary Sculpture
        Encouragement Prize

[Official Page]


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