Yuki INOUE -Sculptor,Artist-



Yuki INOUE is Tokyo-based artist and sculptor who is creating the artworks which contains a spirit of rebelliousness of Japanese. INOUE is one of the most notable contemporary artist of today’s Japanese art scene, who mainly creating the original sculpture of salamanders. The main features of his works are very unique and stylish, as adding in Japanese traditional motif like Japanese tattoo “IREZUMI”, Kabuki and courtesans. The design with Japanese motif is always exists in a part of his artwork.

“Evolution” is the keyword of INOUE’s works.

Official statement:
‘Evolution’ is the fundamental theme in my art.

My motifs are lIving creatures that undergo metamorphosis at a certain time of their lives. At that very instance when they take a leap and cross the borderline to enter their new lives, I sense hope and determination. I muse on one’s maturing and development of mankind through their metamorphosis; this has been my creative drive.

I used to carved stone in my early works but have recently moved on to use synthetic materials in search of more malleable form. This was not just a modification to my materials; rather, it was a process of my own ‘evolution.’ I also consider this a challenge to push my artistic boundary, as I fuse the modern-day materials with traditions and practices that were handed down for generations in our country Japan.

[Official Page]
HP: http://www.yukiinoue.com/salaMandala/Yuki_INOUE.html

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Yuki INOUE -Sculptor,Artist-

1998:Graduated from Tama Art Univ .
2000:Completed Postgraduate Studies at Tama Art Univ .

[Solo Exhibition]
-“salaMandala / INSIDE THE OUTSIDER”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)

-“salaMandala / NIPPON-IDOL”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)

-“salaMandala / NIPPON-ISM”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)
-“salaMandala / NIPPON-IDEA”at Gallery Nakai (Kyoto , Japan)

-“salaMandala / NIPPON-IDEA”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)

-“salaMandala / MINES#2”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)
-“salaMandala / EDEN”at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)

-“salaMandala / CHAIR”at Gallery Natsuka b.p. (Tokyo , Japan)

-“salamander”at Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo , Japan)

[Selected Group Exhibition]
-“Artistic Christmas vol.Ⅵ”at Shinjuku Takashimaya (Tokyo , Japan)

-“Artistic Christmas vol.Ⅳ”at Shinjuku Takashimaya (Tokyo , Japan)
-“BASARA”at Spiral Garden (Tokyo , Japan)
-“The Art Show-Nippon-” at Wada Garou (Tokyo , Japan)

-“A Midsummer Dream” at Chinzan-so (Tokyo , Japan)

-“NETWORK PROJECT JAPAN 2008” at inter alia Art Company (Seoul , Korea)
-“The House” at Nippon Homes Model Houses in Nishi-Azabu (Tokyo , Japan)
-“ROUND 2008”at Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo , Japan)

-“25th Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition in 2006”at Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art (Tokyo , Japan)
-“How do white and black?”at Gallery Concept 21 (Tokyo , Japan)

[Selected Symposiums]
-“4th International Sculpture Symposiums of Buyukcekmece (Istanbul , Turkey)


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