Toko Furusawa
-Artist Painter & Illustrator-



Toko Furusawa is an artist painter and illustrator, who excel at fantastical expression. She draws the natural landscape and living things as an main motif, by using acrylic color, with filling her imagination. She hopes to tell the “mysteries of nature”, “lovableness of living things” and “the importance of their” to everyone through her works.

-Official Statement-
Mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, insects, rocks, seas, skies, clouds, winds and earth… The soul dwells in everything in the natural world.

Our ancestors used to see the spirituality in nature in previous times. Sometimes they felt fear, and sometimes they showed respect for the nature. They were living together with nature.

We, who are living in today’s society, are able to live comfortably in a world of convenience, with the development of civilization. We never be troubled with food shortages in Japan today. Instead, I can’t help feeling that we seem forgot a sense of gratitude and a mind of compassion for the nature. I’m living in the place with a rich nature. I wish this place where I live would continue to conserve the rich nature. I also wish that people and every natural life forms could live together in here for years to come.

I would appreciate it if I could send you what I received from the rich nature in daily life, such as the surprise, discovery and excitement, throughout my works.

1970: Born in Shimane prefecture
- Graduated from Nippon Design College, Department of Graphic Design.
- Enrolled Workshop of picture book “ato-saki school”.
- Corresponding member of Illustrators.

- Contenart opning exhibition “nice to meet you!”contenart in yoyogi village
- “HandMade in Japan  fes 2013”Tokyo Big sight
- “Suqare graphics art exhibition vol.15”RECTO VERSO GALLERY
- “Time capsule~art exhibition to deliver to the future”Setagaya art museum
   citizen’s gallery A
- “Fountain art fair New York 2013”69 Regiment Armory

- “Postcard Exhibition” SPACEWOMb Gallery in New York
- “Stamp art”Setagaya Art Museum Citizen’s Gallery A
- “Japan Zoo -Animal Art From Nippon” Me & Art Gallery in Australia
- “Imaginaire 2012″  Gallery Art Point

and more…

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