Tatsuya Maeno
-Artist Painter-



Tatsuya Maeno is a paint artist.
He is focusing on the “contours”, which include the meaning of broad-brush and ambiguous part of things, to create the artworks.

Everyone has a different perspective from others. Thus, the different things come out even when we capture exactly the same thing. The concept and theme of his creation is to figure out the “contours”.


We are looking at the same “A”.
However in fact, we are looking at the different “A” by the different circumstances, interpretations and consciousness of oneself.
The “A” which I look at is visible only to me.
And the “A” which you look at is visible only to you.

The “contours” which I point out is a broad-brush and ambiguous part of things. I extract the countenance and allure of things which they originally have, and expresses them through my own perspective, interpretations and consciousness.

2010   : Graduated Yamaguchi Prefecture University
2010~ : The activity as an artist is started

2010: 4th VAAD Visual Art Award
2012: Geisai#17
2013: Uzunomi Art Festival

2010: Nobuyuki Yaginuma Prize at 4th VAAD visual Art Award

[Official Page]
HP: http://maenot3.wix.com/maeno-tatsuya


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