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ORIENTARHYTHM is the Japanese dance performance crew, founded by Katsumi Sakakura and Eiko Mausda in 1999. The main feature of their dance performance is combination of DANCE and moves from traditional Japanese marshal arts and performing arts.

More over, their newest performances are incorporation with projection, which is full of originality. Sounds, projections, and their original dances are 100% synchronized in this performance. This new style of performance has been receiving a compliment from the world since they brought in first time.

ORIENTARHYTHM is expressing JAPANESENESS and real JAPANESE COOLNESS through their dance performance in worldwide.

In 1991, the dancer Katsumi Sakakura has found the new style of dancing method which is incorporated the elements of Japanese traditional performance into dance in present day. This is the dance style, which can be only express by Japanese dancer. He brought the action of NUNCHAKU, focusing the power, and particular pose from KARATE. He also brought a technique to halt in action to strike an exaggerated pose from KABUKI. He successfully invented totally new style of Japanese original dance style with in full of Japanese pride. This new style of the original dance he created are very ORIENTAL and has the distinct RHYTHM. Then, he started to call this new style of dancing method as “ORIENTARHYTHM.”

Today, they have been performed in 22 countries, and on 2007, the original performance “Hip Hop Meets Japanese” was staged 5days on Off Broadway. They also performed on Shanghai Expo at Japanese pavilion. Through their worldwide successes of performance, they become the dance crew who represents Japan.

ORIENTARHYTHM -Street Nunchaku dance “style”-

(note) Due mostly to streotyping in movies, Nunchaku are regarded as being used in Chinese Kung-fu, but they actually originate in Japan. “Ryuku Kobujutsu”(Ancient Ryuku Martial Arts) was developed in Okinawa around the 12th century. Nunchuck were included in “Ryuku Kobujutsu”, and devised from a farming tool as a self- defense tool.(quote from ORIENTARHYTHM official HP)


In this performance, ORIENTARHYTHM is expressing to overcome oneself which is the main theme of Japanese traditional martial arts like Karate.

-”Shin Gi Tai” ORIENTARHYTHM × MANUKE Projection Live-

[Official Page]
HP: http://www.orientarhythm.com/

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[BIOGRAPHY] (excerpt)
2000. – “Battle of the year 2000” HAMBURG, GERMANY
2003. – “The Carnival Choregraphers Ball” LA, USA
2004. – “JAPAN EXPO 2004″ LA, USA
2005. – “JAPAN EXPO 2005″ LA, USA
2007. – “Hip Hop meets Japanese!” Off-Broadway NYC, USA
2008. – “International Cultural Exchange Project” TAIPEI, TAIWAN
2009. – “Asian Network of Mafor Cities 21” BANGKOK, THAILAND
2010. – “National cherry blossom festival” D.C, USA
2010. – “EXPO 2010” SHANGHAI, CHINA
2012. – “National IT Leader award” MOSCOW, RUSSIA
2012. – “Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year” WARSAW,POLAND
2012. – “Anti Doping Lab Qatar” DOHA,QATAR
2012. – “Arriyadiah Sports Excellence Awards” SAUDI ARABIA

TV Program;
2012. – “Public broadcasting” SAUDI ARABIA
2012. – “Domingao do Faustao” BRAZIL
2012. – “Art Less Travelled“ SINGAPORE
2012. – “Beat the Best” NETHERLANDS
2012. – “Super Star” TAIWAN
2011. – “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde” FRANCE

Other Relationship;
The Okura Prestige Bangkok


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