Moe Murakami
-Artist and illustrator-


Moe Murakami artwork

Moe Murakami is an artist and illustrator.
She was born in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. Currently she lives and works in Tokyo.

To draw the illustrations, she uses only a pencil and a colored pencil.
The main motif of her illustrations is cute, Kawaii, girls and cat’s characters.
The noteworthy feature of her artworks is that, she draws the details of those cute and kawaii character’s facial expressions with the depth. Thus her illustrations are not justonly cute. She is trying to keep her illustrations from becoming not only lovely.

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2005: Group exhibition “first flight” at GINZA KOUSHIN GALLERY
2005: Solo exhibition “Moe Murakami exhibit” at Store&Gallery S.c.o.t.t
2006: Solo exhibition “Moe Murakami” at GINZA KOUSHIN GALLERY
2006: Solo exhibition “(())” at Store&Gallery S.c.o.t.t
2009: Solo exhibition “her” at Store&Gallery S.c.o.t.t
2009: Exhibited at the debut event of GLACEAU vitamin water
2010: Solo exhibition “She-chan” at GINZA KOUSHIN GALLERY
2010: Exhibited at Minami Aoyama eye clinic
2011: Solo exhibition “Moe Murakami exhibit” at Art gallery Jiyugaoka
2011: Group exhibition “Emerging Girls” at Printemps Ginza


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