Megumi Koyama (from GoDFaMily)
-Installation Artist and Musician -

Megumi Koyama (from GoDFaMily) is…
An installation artist, and her art works are created by clothing fabrics or/and knits. Her gold standards are installation artworks that draping clothes on trees, and occasionally color the plants by natural dye which are able to get warmth feelings. Her main goal of creation is to create and share a colorful and wonderful dream world in real life.

Her catalyst of being an artist is to start as graphic designer of her own CD covers and flyers. Yes, she is also a musician. Then she found herself as an advertising designer of a apparel brand, and after all she steps up to the person in charge of graphic designer of “Kobe Fashion Museum.” Through the experiment by getting closer to the fashion world, she started to create the artworks by using the clothing fabrics.

The latest status of her is a of the music group “GoDFaMily,” also the artist with several activities.

2011: Group Exhibiton “Su Ki Na Ko To Te Nn -Kosei-”@Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
2011: The Indigo -Ai ga kanaderu Aoi Sekai- @Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
2012: Battamon’s Battamon @gallery ARTISLONG(Kyoto), Japan
2012: Portrait of Celebrity -The Vision of Kevin Westenberg- @Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
2012: Rokko Meets Art – A walk in the Art 2012 – @Mt.Rokko Country House, Japan
2013: Belleza del Japo´n Contempo´raneo y Tradicional in @ TEATRO JUAN BRAVO, Spain





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