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LEMS is the Japanese beatmaker and DJ who is combined Japanese traditional sounds into Hip-Hop beats. His music takes you to another world…We see the bright future of the Japanese Hip-Hop scene through his works and hope his great works become your first step to get into the Japanese new street culture.

His great Hip-Hop beats which is expressing the worldview of Japanese traditional sounds heve been getting huge props from all over the world. As evidence of this, he is getting some offers to make the beats from British record label and Korean label. Also, He is working as a main producer of the US jazzy hip hop unit “The 49ers+ZDW!?”.

LEMS – SIKI ・Shooting location: Miyata-tei http://miyata-tei.com/

LEMS – Sakura Waltz (Thaory Japan Demic Remix feat. Kohei)

The 49ers + ZDW!? – Summer of Silence feat. Miwako

[Official Page]
HP: http://lems-zdw.com/
Green Piece / ZANY DESIGN’S WORK!? official website: http://z-d-w.com/
Green Green Project: http://z-d-w.com/green.html

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LEMS -the Beatmaker- Japanese traditional sounds meets HIP-HOP


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