Hisahiro Fukasawa
-The Artist with New style of Japanese Tradition-


Hisahiro Fukasawa is a Japan-based paint and graphic artist but his talent has recognized in not only in Japan. -He joined the International Art expo in New York on 2009. Also, he has a experienced designing the bottle for SIGG, the world famous bottle company in Switzerland, which was sold all over the world on 2008.-

His main intention of creating artworks and his motivational energy to create unique artworks is;

“To find the reason why he has captivated by the objects with an elements of Japanese identity, and the objects which have fused the senses of tradition and modern. Then solve how are the traditional Japanese styles supposed to be inherited to the future.”

He is trying to find the best merging balance of tradition and modern.

Through his artworks, we could catch a glimpse of Japanese traditional painting style RINPA. RINPA is one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting which was established in Edo period. It is well know that RINPA had influenced European Impressionist art.

Fukasawa found the “awkwardness” and the new “beauty” from by merging graphics elements into the Japanese traditional art, like bird-and-flowers or traditional Japanese patterns. He is strongly fascinated in this “awkwardness” and “beauty” and merging tradition to modern. To create his idea into artworks, he uses pencil and acrylic paints like other artists, but he also uses “Beaten Gold”; the traditional Japanese painting technique, with “Giclee”; the digital printing technology, “Silk Screen”; the ink-block printing technique,” and Photoshop / Illustrator from Adobe. He pours modern impression by using latest digital techniques and combined into Japanese traditional method in perfect balance, thus his works never lose Japanese scent. He successfully established his own distinctive style and it could be called as “The New style of Japanese Tradition ART.”

Fukasawa is now working to bring in projection mapping ,new projection technique, into his activities.

[Official Page]
HP: http://www.hisahirofukasawa.com/index.html

Solo Exhibition:
2007: HAYATO New York Aoyama ,Tokyo
2008: ARTIFEX Gallery at Ebisu Mitsukoshi ,Tokyo
2010: The Art complex Center of Tokyo

Group Exhibition:
2010: The Art complex Center of Tokyo
2011: The Art complex Center of Tokyo
2013: The Art complex Center of Tokyo

Art Fair:
2009: International Artexpo NewYork 2009
2013: Art Show Busan 2013, Korea

2008: Cover designed of Gold Club magazine, published by NTT communication
Produced original bottle design of world famous Swiss company SIGG
2009: Produced main visual ads design of Asahi Kasei homes
Provided art works to the event of “Swatch MTV playground”
2010: Provided art works to the web site of “Japan industry Pavilion” at Shanghai Expo


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