Hiroki Takeda

Hiroki Takeda

Hiroki Takeda is Tokyo-based Japanese up and coming illustrator.
His style of illustration is very unique. The unique point of his drawing style is that he draws every part with natural object, such as patterns of flowers and greens, as you can see in his art piece. By drawing every part with flowers and greens, it is able to feel beauty of life directly through his works. Because his mother loves flowers and greens, he was grown up in a house filled with them. This is the reason why he got the idea and started to draw every part with natural object.

When he creates an illustration, he hold his images and obediently hit the feelings of that time to his piece.
And also he always careful to be relaxed as much as possible. That is his motto of creating illustration.

[Official Page]
HP: http://hiroki-t.jp/
FB: http://www.facebook.com/hiroki.takeda1

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Hiroki Takeda -Illustrator-

- 7th Nochi exhibition
- Tsunagari Nagoya University of Art and Design

- Transit Nagoya University of Art and Design exhibition
@Boise state university
- 8th Nochi exibition
- Passion@Univeresal Design Center
- Kitemin Okumigawa Art project
- Apartment Tsutsunuke @Art space A1

- 9th Nochi exhibition
- Liqueur @Jewelly shop TAPIRUS

- 10th Nochi exhibition
- COLORS @Hillside Daikanyama
- Chips 2012 @Hillside Daikanyama
- Art no hatake @ISETAN art gallery
- 6th expression design exhibition


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