Cuesukeya -Tin toy creator, Artist-



Cuesukeya’s career started when he knocked on the door of “Metal house”, a leading tin toy maker in Sumida, Tokyo. He began to study under Shinji Miyazawa, who is an authority on the field of tin toy. Through a variety of productions, he cultivated the base of creation which is essential for what he does today. Currently he lives and works in Tokyo.

Pursuing genuine and attractive art pieces, Cuesukeya works on uniting tin toy and Japanese tattoo, which he believes are on the top of all Japanese traditional craftsmanship. He uses acrylic resin paint and colors very carefully with fine brush. Through the works without corner-cutting, he casts the importance of taking good care of things. He wishes people to feel it and come to treasure what is around them more than ever.

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Japanese tattooed handmade tin toys 久助屋 -Cuesukeya-

2011 DESIGN FESTA vol.33
2011 DESIGN FESTA vol.34
2011 “petit” GEISAI #15
2012 GEISAI #17
2013 GEISAI #18


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