yoichiro horiki
-Graphic Designer / Illustrator-



yoichiro horiki is…
An illustrator with consolidated drawing skill, based on Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Possibly we can be categorized him as a digital illustrator, but all of his works have full of analog impressions. Those analog impressions came from the early years of his artist carrier that acquired by drawing with pencil and paper. Even though there are many useful tools in drawing software, brush tool is the only tool for his all works. This is very different point from other artist’s digital works that were drawn by full of useful functions of software. Therefore, viewers are able to find, enjoy, and feel the irrationalistic processes and single brush strokes like real (analog) drawings.



Artist voice…
“Not to be a pertinacious is the reason why my themes are not fixed. Due to that, I am able to feel the change the inside of myself, and possible to realize improvement of my drawing skill by challenging some new themes. On the other hand, all of my artworks need a fair amount of time to complete. I understand that it does not fit, and could be disadvantage issue in this speeding society. However, I believe everything belongs to completed artwork, and it is the only thing to be evaluated by viewers, not the process and how fast I completed.
I wish that each viewer could imagine his or her own messages and stories through my each art works.”

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HP: http://yoichirohf.com

Contact:  miffy037@hotmail.com



Osaka University of Arts


Experienced working as a Graphic designer in Japanese Game maker Company.

Working as a freelance creator.


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