Walrus The Tsutsui
-Paint Artist-



Warlus the Tsutsui is the remarkable painter with the original skill of overcoat colors paint. His art pieces are all easy to identify as him with his original method of painting. His artwork is sponsored by the world famous paints and material company “bunny ColArt” at the moment. To create indented surface you see in his piece, the skill of overcoat colors is used. This overcoat skill is representing how this artist had been living his life. All different colors are the “Lies” and “Vain” which he has been told to everyone through his life. Even though those were hidden on the back surface by overcoat several colors, it won’t be hidden completely.
On behalf of “Lies” and “Vain”, those are still visible on the top as indents which became “Regrets”. It would be appreciated, if you could feel with your senses that how he had been living his life with egos by time line.

He regularly sending his art pieces to an exhibition “GEISAI” which is hosted by the world famous Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, and Walrus the Tsutsui awarded a prize of Liquitex in GEISAI#17 2012.

[Official Page]
HP: http://walrus-the-tsutsui.com/index.html

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Walrus The Tsutsui -Paint Artist-
The new work of Walrus The Tsutsui
Walrus The Tsutsui Joint Exhibition with new work

Group exhibition:
- “petit” GEISAI#15 (Point ranking 10)
- GEISAI#15 Award winner exhibition Hidari Zingaro

-GEISAI#16 (Point ranking 7)
-GEISAI#16 Award winner exhibition Hidari Zingaro
-GEISAI#17 (Prize of Liquitex)
-focus Gallery Introart
-AMENOTOKI Gallery Introart
-ARTLABO X 2012 June
-ARTLABO X 2012 final December


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