Saori Kanda a.k.a SAORI’An
-Dancing Life Paint Artist-



Saori Kanda, also known as SAORI’An is the Japanese artist who has all round artistic talent. She has several faces as an artist and designer. The painter, dancing painter, body painter, spacial designer and fashion designer. She has been impacting all over the world through her aggressive activities. She is very famous artist in Japan with appearing TV commercial of famous car companies, Alfa Romeo and Nissan Motors.

She is always seeking for the method to express her tireless passion, and she always keeps challenging new method.
Her main source of being an artist could have formed by her personal background. She spent childhood in Baghdad Iraq, and Dubai U.A.E. She had great opportunity to feel the beauty of the world in childhood. At the same time, she naturally started to hold admiration for Japan and Japanese culture. After she came back to Japan, she found the distinct and original Japanese beauty like she had found in overseas. From her special experiment, she absorbed different aspects and impressions of beauty from Arabic countries and her mother county Japan. She combines and expresses the Japanese beauty and the world beauty in one piece.

The keyword of her artwork is “BEAUTY OF THE LIFE FORCE.” It’s not just a surface and external beauty, it also has the internal beauty that every single life form has.

The beauty of Japan that I have felt since I was a young child. The beauty of the world.Through my work, I connect the elements of skin, earth, paper, and clothing with the forms of music, movies, dancing, and light. My work reflects the encounters that I have had with various kinds of people and how my body has reacted to them and the movements of my hand. I can truly say now that I love to paint.

She calls her own creative activities as “Life Painting”. It means painting is herself and her life itself. She is expressing herself through painting. Every works come from her experience in her life. To create and to paint is very important part of her life.

Her painting style is very unique. She paints and dance with music at same time. Three different factors have synchronized and united as one complete performance. Her live painting is totally original like nothing else in the world, and it is perfection as great entertainment. She uses her own hands to draw instead of the equipment, also she paint on herself during the performance. She draws with her whole body, and becomes the part of her artwork.

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[BIOGRAPHY] (excerpt)
Recent Activities:
2009: Collaborated with Hideki Togi at the presentation of new TOYOTA Lexus RX
2010: Produced commercial artwork of Alfa Romeo [Mito]
2010: Appearance on the presentation of new work of VIVIENNE TAM
2012: Performed opening act at Roppongi Art nigth
2012: Produced art work and appearance on the official movie of Canon EOS 5D Ⅲ
2012: Solo Exhibition & performed at RED SQUARE GALLERY in Hong-kong
2013: Performed in New year opening of SEIBU at Shibuya
2013: Performed in opening event of KARIGAR HAAT in Calcutta,India
2013: Performed in the festival JOY DEV MELA in West Bengal,Baul,India
2013: Produced artwork of Nissan Calender 2013
2013: Performed with the world famous psychedelic trance artist,Shpongle at TWISTIVAL Tokyo

Artists that I have collaborated with:
Hideki Togi / Ancient Japanese Court Musician
Ongaku No Chikara (Tokyo Philharmony String Quartet)
Makyo ( Dakini Records )
BAUL / Musician from West Bengal, India
Shinji Akita / Pianist
Asca Hayashi / Singer
Kazumasa Hashimoto / Musician
Dozan Fujiwara / Shakuhachi Player
Kyo Ichinose / Musician etc…

Records of Live Painting:
2004: NYC [Designers&Agents]
2004: EDWIN Show
2006: Shuuemura Makeup Show
2009: Toyota Lexus New-Car-Release Exhibition
2009: Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum
2010: Alfa Romeo TV Commercial
2010: Setouchi International Art Festival
2010: French Embassy
2010: VIVIENNE TAM New Collection’s Exhibition
2011: Festival in West Bengal, India etc…

Collaboration with Fashion Field:
2005: Design of a cut and sewn for gold sign[ by Adriano Goldschmied ]
2008: Design of stage costume for Ulfuls
2010: Release of a original dress from VIVIENNE TAM, introduced at VOGUE NIGHT 2010 etc…

Records of Personal Exhibition:
Shinseido Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo
Platinum Salon at Shibuya Seibu Department Store, Tokyo
Beams B-Gallery, Shinjuku etc…



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