Kohei Komuro
-Paint Artist & Illustrator-



Kohei Komuro is a Tokyo-based oil paint artist and illustrator. His main drawing subjects are portraits of normal people.

To draw the portraits, he uses oil paint and acrylic paint. He focuses on the detail of human faces; the atmosphere, colors, shades and shadows. The basic concept of his artwork is, to draw the atmosphere and the detail of human expressions, which are difficult to describe in words.

Recently, when he draws the portraits, he has fascination with an expressionless face, which is hard to read people’s emotions, rather than the emotions of delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure, which are easy to read people’s emotions. The word, “an expressionless face” contains various types of facial expressions. He believes that, every expressionless face is all different. Although they are described in the same word, no one else has exactly the same expressionless faces. It is the same thing with that, in Japan, there are various types of “black color” in the same word “black”, such as deep black, light black and etc…

Even in an expressionless face, it is able to find sensitive emotions. It might look nothing on the surface, however there is the actual emotions which never can hide, such as the skin textures and a minute change. He also believes that, it is possible to express the human expressions, which are difficult to describe in words, with the shapes and colors.

He is pursuing observe the atmosphere, skin texture, color, shape and asperity of his painting subject to express the sensitive emotions of them. And he loves to imagine why his painting subject became an expressionless face, and also imagine what happened to them, while he draws their portraits.

He hopes he would like to draw as much satisfactory artworks as possible of human expressions, which is difficult to describe in words.

1984 : Born in Kuwana city, Mie prefecture, Japan
2003 : Graduated from high school and move up to Tokyo
2003 : Studied in Art school at Shinjuku for 2 years
2005 : Enrolled at Kuwasawa design school
2007:  Dropped out Kuwasawa design school
2007 : Joined a credit card company
2013 : Left the credit card company
2013 : Started actual activity to be a professional artist

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HP: http://vvig3jbp9ga7uq4x85hb.wix.com/kohei-komuro
FB: https://www.facebook.com/kouhei.komuro.7
FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kohei-Komuro/353722211417673
Twitter: https://twitter.com/simakokesu
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