ryohei ezaki
-Spray, Stencil artist-



ryohei ezaki is a Tokyo-based Japanese artist in new generation who mainly uses spray and stencil techniques. The one of the feature of his work is the combination of the Japanese traditional art style, context and the western street art style.

He is absorbing the street culture from overseas, and incorporates it into Japanese art style, such as the composition of the Japanese traditional art. It means he is creating “a new style of Japanese street art” by mixing up the overseas street cultures into the Japanese cultures.

Well know and popular new Japanese cultures at this time are “Kawaii(cute)” cultures like comics, young idols and girl figures etc… It is commonly called a “Otaku culture”. (otaku is meaning of anorak,nerd or geek in Japanese) However, there are still a lots of decent, cool and dope cultures in Japan besides those Otaku culture. He focuses on those decent and dope things, then expresses into his art works.

His artworks are inspired by the reaction of people, stream of time, and social issue of today in Japanese society. For his recent main artworks series named “The Crossing Out Curves”, he focused on the each step of personal growth by experiencing issues and lessons in a lifetime.

He literally expresses “growth of human being”, by the act of erasing something with curved line which everybody have done at least once in a lifetime. He says, “People are growing up with reflection on the past, and people crossing out those reflection with growing up. “

His artworks are not just a piece of art, they are a whole life of human.

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HP: http://ryohei-ezaki.is-decent.com/

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ryohei ezaki -The Crossing Out Curves-

2012 Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo)
2012 Geisai Garelly (Tokyo)
2012 Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo)

2012 Geisai#16 top10
2012 Geisai#17 top10


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